Ho’oponopono – Morrnah’s Prayer

Morrnah Simeona Spirit, Superconscious, please locate the origin of my feelings,
thoughts of (__________fill in the blank with your belief, feeling, thoughts________).

Take each and every level, layer, area and aspect of my being to this origin.

Analyze it and resolve it perfectly with God’s truth.

Come through all generations of time and eternity.

Healing every incident and its appendages based on the origin.

Please do it according to God’s will until I am at the present. Filled with light and truth.

God’s peace and love, forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions.

Forgiveness of every person, place, circumstances and event which contributed to this, these feelings thoughts.

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  • Richard:

    MORRNAH’S PRAYER (Hawaiian Shaman)
    Divine creator, father, mother, son as one…If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness…Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations, and transmute these unwanted energies into pure light….And it is done.

    • Lilian:

      Gracias estoy descubriendo el hoponopono por internet
      y me he enamorado de el, es un regalo para la vida.

      • Liliana:

        Hola, Yo tambien hace unas semanas lo descubri y estoy tratando de conocer mas y practicarlo y creo q es una manera muy cierta y efectica de reecontrarse con el origen q es Dios y tan cerca como es dentro de uno. Espero q ocurran muchos milagros en nuestras vidas como creo q pueden si lo aprendemos bien. suerte y ojala nos dieramos testimonios en nuestro viaje en el hooponopo. Liliana (London)

  • Sandy:

    Are there any original writings of Ho’oponopono, or has it been passed down only by word of mouth?


  • Karen:

    Thank-you for this wonderful prayer. I am bringing all my thoughts, feelings, wounds, entanglements to the Sourcwe, forward and backward in time, for healing. I forgive and release everyone, and so shall I be released. Amen, Namaste, Love…

  • George Psychis:

    I am a christian orthodox and never prayed. Having studied this prayer in depth and Ho’ Oponopono I feel now that any suffering of the body, mind and feelings is a reflection of memories, blocks, energies and vibrations from another dimension. I am 73 years old and from now on I know my duty towards myself: to cleans and purify those negative energies.
    Thank you for helping me.
    George Psychis

    • ana-maria sourmelis:

      What a wonderful method !!!
      I do have a whole course/seminar in Ho-oponopono and i would like to know if there are any seminars/workshops scheduled in Cyprus?
      Wish you all a wonderful life no matter of,color,religion,race or believes !!!
      Namaste !
      ana-maria sourmelis

  • Thank you for this wonderful prayer.Is there more information on the meaning of this :
    I love you I am sorry, please forgive me, Thank you.
    And Thank you.

  • Hemanshu:

    Dear dr. Len,
    I have been suffering from pain abdomen, gas, spasm. It is labelled as irritable bowel syndrome. Practically modern medicine does not have any cure for it. I started looking for alternate resources for healing. Hooponopono is the ultimate thing. I born Hindu and the ultimate philosophy is incorporated in your hooponopono. It is something most difficult till you experienced. Still I congratulate you to make it this simple. This wonderful task can not have been done without god’s blessing. I request you sir to pray for me. If you can help what specific area I need to clean I will follow that. I and family ask for your blessings. With lots of love and respect.
    Dr. Nanavati

    • Matthew:

      Hello Hemanshu,

      Any and all problems I have had with irritable bowel have been cured now for months. I suffered for more than 10 years. There are two things I did. The first was to eliminate any foods at all that my body found difficult. To do this, I eliminated spicy and peanuts and dairy among others. I knew because unpleasantness occurred within minutes of taking them.
      The second thing I did was meditation to get in touch with my body. I am now becoming more and more able to feel and control and experience separately all parts of my body including my inner organs. This has come by being able to quiet the mind for more than 30 minutes at a time.
      Like we tense the muscles in our neck when feeling stress, we can tense any part of our body. Learning to recognize the stress, find where we are putting it, and having the presence and skill to relax it will increase peace to the whole body – especially the part accepting the stress.

      I hope this helps.

      I love you.

      - Matthew

  • Ruth:

    hello, you know where to locate the original books of classes taught Mrs. Morrnah, given the depth of this prayer I like to read more of those she taught

  • Aurora:

    Enmedio de un sinnumero de eventos dolorosos, ho oponopono llegó a mí como una rspuesta divina. Doy infinitas gracias a Dios, a Mornah y al Dr.Hew Len y a la vida. Es mi mas grande deseo, convertirme en eterna practicante y poder compartir este regalo.
    Vivo en la ciudad de Cuernavaca en México.
    Quisiera saber como puedo capacitarame como practicante y como promotora.
    Gracias por la información que pudieran brindarme.

  • Nicolas:


  • Annette:

    where do I find the prayer in german? thanks!

  • neşe:

    sizin kitabınızı aldım ve şimdi okumaya başladım benim ilgi alanımda olmanız beni sevindirdi ama ben çok kilo aldım bu kilolardan nsl kurtulurum neler yapmalıyım ve stres doluyum bunu nasıl atabilirim artık bunlara vucudum yorgun rahatlamak istiyorum sevgiler türkçe yazmalısınız teşekkürler :)

  • Madeleine McDowel:

    Hello Dr. Hew Len,
    We would like to have a consultation with you, if you are available. Our beautiful and vibrant 16 month old boy, Thomas, has been diagnosed with a severe eye condition. Please let us know how and if we can connect.

    Thank you,

    Madeleine and Chris McDowell

  • kamali'i:

    Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len can be reached at any of the following websites:
    http://www.ihhl-ceeport.com or http://www.zero-wise.com and of course, http://www.self-i-dentity-through-hooponopono.com

  • Brenda:

    This confuses me as this is is ‘The Script’ from the the book, “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol K. Truman.
    Joe Vitale has even written a testimonial on her book on amazon. I don’t think this originated from Morrnah.

    • Brenda, my friend, Pati, has done some research on our behalf. I have cut and pasted her emails for your information. I have done some rudimentary research also. It is clear to me that this prayer originated from Mornah and was reprinted by Karol Truman. I have not discovered an acknowledgement from Ms Truman but I have not looked for one either. It is all good. Here’s Pati’s info:

      Email 1
      “Dear Al, Karol K. Truman is the author of these books: The Feelings Journey (1991), Healing Feelings From Your Heart (2000) and Feelings Buried Alive Never Die (2007). I did not read the books, but I could read something about them.

      I am sure the beautiful prayer you mention is Mornah Simeona’s prayer. I think that Karol Truman included it in her last book and maybe she did not mention where the prayer comes from or, the lady who told you about “The Script”, did not read the bibliography of “Feelings Buried Alive…”, so she did not see that K. Truman was quoting Mornah´s prayer. It is difficult to believe that Karol Truman just used Mornah´s prayer changing the name, entitling it “The Script” and without mentioning its origin. But it is very simple to find out that “The Script”contents does not belong to K. Truman, even though it is a fundamental part of her book: Mornah’s prayer was known before 2007!

      In any case, I did not know that beautiful prayer and I am going to include it into my daily prayers. I am experiencing some very difficult days, so the prayer came in the right moment to me.
      Thank you, I love you”

      Email 2 [abridged]

      “………..Self I-Dentity was presented by Morrnah in 1976, Morrnah N. Simeona presented the Ho‘oponopono process for the first time at the Huna World Convention in Ponolu‘u, Hawaii in August, 1980. I quote “Morrnah taught the Self I-Dentity Ho’oponopono course throughout the 1980′s and into the early 1990′s before eventually handing off the torch to Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who began conducting Ho’oponopono courses in 1982. Dr. Hew Len worked with Morrnah for ten years, until her passing on February 11, 1992.”
      I hope my research can help you.
      I love you

      Email 3
      “Dear Al,
      Sorry for writing so many mails about the same issue. I am very conscientious when researching and I think this is important.
      Please, read “The Script”:

      The Script

      Spirit/ Super-conscious, please locate the origin of my
      feeling(s)/thought(s) of
      (insert the negative feeling or what you want to resolve here) _______________________

      Take each and every level, layer, area and aspect of my Be-ing to this origin. Analyze and resolve it perfectly, with God’s truth.

      Come through all generations of time & eternity, healing every incident and it’s appendages based on the origin.

      Do it according to God’s will until I’m at the present, filled with light and truth, God’s peace and love, forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions, forgiveness of every person, place, circumstance and event which contributed to this feeling /thought .

      With total forgiveness and unconditional love I allow every physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problem, and inappropriate behavior based on the negative origin recorded in my DNA, to transform.

      I choose being__________________
      I feel______________________
      I am_____________________
      (insert same positive replacement for each blank.)

      It is done. It is healed. It is accomplished now!

      Thank you, Spirit, for coming to my aid and helping me attain the full measure of my creation. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you and praise God from whom all blessings flow

      You see, K.Truman just added a few sentences to Morrnah´s prayer (bold italics), something about DNA to make it seem modern. [edited] Of course Mornah would not write about DNA, it is not necessary and nobody talked about DNA in 1980. You can see, the writing style is different, that is K. Truman´s style, not Mornah´s.
      So, that’s it.
      I wish you peace beyond all understanding.”

      Peace of “I”. al

  • please help me i want to have a forgiving spirit. i’m struggling to forgive

    • Practice Mornah’s prayers of forgiveness found on this website. No one has harmed you no matter what your perception may be. No one will ever harm you no matter what your perception may be. You came in to this physical experience to receive lessons, soul medicine, so to speak and the only problem is resistance to what is. Love those you perceive as your enemies for they know not what they do and you have survived to live with the opportunity to transcend suffering. Fall in love with your “enemies” for they are messengers from Creator. Then, fall in love with yourself as Creator loves you without conditions and wants nothing more from you than to mirror that love.
      If you would like guidance on these concepts I do private sessions. Book a free appointment here: http://www.meetme.so/alrodee

  • martha cecilia correa:



    Martha Cecilia Correa

    • Martha, I will pray and dowse for you tonight. I also teach and practice Emotional Freedom Technique combined with Ho’oponopono and specialize in panic attack, phobia and PTSD. If you would like a free 1/2 hour session please book here: http://www.meetme.so/alrodee.

      Know that you are loved, that you are never separate but always connected to all that is. The only problem you have is that your subconscious tells you, you have a problem. It is not your fault and can be corrected. I will send you a copy of an e-book I have written called: “The Art of Loving Yourself”.
      Peace of “I”,

  • Carol Wolf:

    Loved the prayer in its entirety. Thank you so much.

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