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  • Ho-oponopono Student:

    Looking forward to the great Ho’oponopono information this site will provide

    • tiziana:

      mi piace.. anche se ancora non chiaro cmq interessantissimo

    • I read zero at the border and I realized how gresim. Nevidim often way out of their situation, I made the best house in the Balkans, Serbia, but no buyers a loan from a bank or force me to be more and more desperate need your help.
      “I love you.”
      “I’m sorry.”
      “Please forgive me.”
      “Thank you.”
      Thank you. I love you.

  • erika azzi:

    dear dr.len,please help me, i have a problem with a lady , i have some question with here to resolved but when i see here i not feel well i am hungry, next week i have a appointment with here and i want that everithing is ok ….what i to do? please help me, my english is not ok, i read zero limits and i tray excercice with oponopon for clean, but is not so simple when problem arrive!
    i love you dr.len, erika

  • jeanette warren:

    Is there a training course for this – in Uk? Thanks for sharing this profound knowledge.

    • Detty:

      Hi, I agree that there is not much out there in the way of support or meetups in the UK. For something so profound and incredible – and yet so difficult for many of us to really practise – I wonder why this may be?

      While I understand the whole point and process is about personal responsibility and cleaning on issues, I am also an advocate of SHARING experiences, perhaps even providing support to one another whilst we each travel this admitradly quite difficult path independently.

      If, then, I was to start a type of experience sharing / support group in or near London, UK, I wonder, would anyone be interested in attending?

      Dinner at mine.



      • This website receives 250 hits a day on average and has done so for more than 2 years without any marketing or SEO development. People simply find me here. I am certain if you created a group of people to learn and practice Ho’oponopono you would be surprised at how many people want to learn about it. Let me know if I can be of service. If you were to put a group of 10 or more people together I would be happy to facilitate the first few meetings for $10.00 each, over the internet.

      • Nina Yasmin MacPherson:

        Hi there I would love to get together and share hooponopono experiences in London if there is anywhere or anyone who is facilitating. …

  • Celeste Gosselin:

    I want to thank my son Tyler for recommending the book Zerolimits to me. I am looking forward to Changing our lives one day at a time, one person at a time.

  • Judy Roth:

    Interested in classes.

  • Dr. Len

    Looking foward to your site and I Love your inoformation in the book Zero Limits.The Blue water is great I have been using it along with Dr. Emoto information in his books and Dick Gregory’s information from along time ago about purifying water… Thank you and keep up the great work…Sending Light Medicine Energy to all the waters of the universe… Love & Light Alecia_HBOP

  • Monica:

    My name is Monica I’m form Mexico and i would like to have a training of ho oponopono.

    Could you please give me some information about dates and places to go?

    I’ve been looking on the internet since last February but I´ve couldn’t found anything.

    Please help me.

    Thank you very much.


  • Yo soy de Guadalajara, jal. México me gustaría recibir información sobre couching, de Joe Vitale y el Dr. Len, solo que en español si? por favor, lo siento, te amo y gracias

  • gabriella geraci:

    sono italiana di roma mi piacerebbe ricevere la vostra newsletter

    I’m italian i’d like to receive your newsletter
    gabriella geraci

  • Terry:

    Let me believe.

  • Adriana Cuervo:

    I would like to know the information about calendar of conference’s Dr. Len on 2011.
    best regards.

  • Arancha:

    Me gustaría saber si se imparten cursos sobre Ho´oponopono en España.
    Muchas gracias,
    Arancha Merino

  • Павел:

    Dear Dr. Hugh Lynn! I am from Russia. There comes a time in life, when I want to change everything. Today, I clearly know what I want out of life! Every day offers new opportunities for me, hint. Two years ago I lost my sense life. A miracle happened, I saw the movie “The Secret”, which turned my mind. But two days ago in my hands came upon a book, Joe Vitali, But two days ago in my hands came upon a book, Joe Vitali, who spoke about such a wonderful Dr. Hugh Lena. Do not know what happened, but suddenly I wanted to write you and share your vpechetleniyami about the book and about you.
    I am still impressed by the book. Thank you Lord God, who gives me reason to hope, believe in the existence of a miracle.
    I do not know English, I write online translator. I hope you understand me. Thank you!

  • Lluís:

    Seminaris de Ho’oponopono a barcelona, N’hi hi algun?

    • Blanca:

      Si jo vaig fer un al Centre SUM amb la Marta Centelles. Ella es psicologa a part de guerrera!!! La veritat és que em va agradar força

  • jose:

    deseo con vehemencia llegar al estado cero por favor orientenme un poco mas para limpiar mi memoria

  • pedro zuñiga sanchez:

    me pueden enviar el libro completo

  • Hilda Piña:

    Estoy muy agradecida el haber encontrado estas enseñanzas, pues siempre he andado en busca de mi razón en este mundo y creo que con el hooponopono no tengo que buscar más, ahora entiendo muchas cosas que giraban en mi cabeza y se que mi Padre Dios me lo decía que todo estaba dentro mío y no lo entendía pero hoy es un día muy glorioso para mi pues al estudiar todo esto me hace feliz. Te amo, lo siento tanto, perdóname, gracias.

    • Me gustaria saber donde hay seminarios como el que tomo Joe Vitale con el Dr. Hew Len porfavor pido toda la informaciòn y si quiero hacer una consulta con èl cuanto me cuesta y como lo hago donde hay que meterse por favor me pueden informar??? mil gracias.

  • Tamara:

    Now July 21, 2010. When is new info coming?

  • letizia:

    credo che sia la strada giusta

  • Brigette Arto:

    I am currently listening to Zero Limits and have begun using the Ho’oponopono prayer…I haven’t felt more at peace in my whole life. I am looking foward to learning morning. Thank you and I Love You!!

  • Anne-Marie:

    Hello, I was just wondering if there will be any Ho-oponopono trainings in the next coming months by Dr. Hew Len in Hawaii.

    Mahalo and Prema Shanti,

  • Eduardo:

    Hola, mi idioma es el espanol, tengo interes en tomar el seminario de auto identidad ho oponopono, me podrian indicar como podria tomalo? vivo en la ciudad de Saltillo, en Mexico.
    Gracias por la informacion y reciban mi mas sincera admiracion y amor.
    Eduardo Sanchez Aguirre

    • Gustavo Martinez:

      Hola Eduardo, mi nombre es Guatavo Martinez, y tambien estoy interesado sobre el curso de autoidentidad Ho oponopono, si ya te contestaron y si tienes informacion al respecto, por favor hasmela saber. Gracias

      yo vivo en Austin Texas, pero soy de Saltillo, Coahuila.


  • Helena Yung:

    Blesssings to all! Thank you for your message and now I’m working with Ho’oponopono and experirnce awareness of the past programs, cleaning & releasing from them, meeting the Devine and getting insights of my life through the eyes of the devine. I know that it is a long way to go but as I go on, my life change and I felt satisfy. I would like to meet Dr. Hew Len and get insight from him.

    Thank you.

  • Where is Dr. Hew Lens website?

  • Wilma Cash:

    Could someone please contact me. I want to know about classes in Honolulu.

    Wilma Keakamahina Cash

  • hello , my name is yasin. I writing from Marmaris TURKEY,
    sorry my english,
    I read zero limit. but I have afew question. but I can not find. because my english is not good. will you seminar DVD’s make turkish subtitetl? I love ho’oponopono, my question, have can ı defecate,?

    Ariman you have written it for the love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. telling. How can I do about a particular subject, but it. How do I use.
    for example, exceeded what I need to tell them to have problems with my girlfriend. and how to delete memories? hallolacakmı everything is just saying those words?
    Have a good day ..
    yasin KARABULUT

  • Analia Fontaneto:

    hola Bueno días, estoy tratando de aprender a sanar… Deje pastillas que hace mucho tiempo tomaba (para adelgazar) y me encontré con un cuerpo que desconozco y no quiero. ¿como hago para cambiar?…
    lo siento, perdóname, gracias, te amo.

    • Ámate a ti mismo, y todo lo que viene a su conciencia. Como es de su conocimiento de las cosas que hay 11 millones de bits de información que no son conscientes de que vienen junto con los recuerdos conscientes. El amor todo lo que conocen y que no son conscientes de la voluntad de ser amado también. No se resista, aunque sea doloroso. Simplemente me encanta. La paz de la “I”

  • Hello, I’m sorry I do not speak much English, please I want to dig deeper into this practice, I have always been in search of spiritual peace and travez of this method I managed to drop the charges.
    I would like to receive more information about the hooponopono, everything it does.

    Very grateful, Belsy Sanabria

    • Be grateful always, your English is perfect. Go to http://www.icebluecleaning.com and sign on to clean, erase, erase and find what you are looking for. Peace of “I”

      • Stéphanie:

        Hello, before, I’m sorry because I don’t really know english. I’m a french/tahitian girl living in Tahiti (Frenc Polynesia). I know Hooponopono with “zero limite” and I do believe it. Today, I do really want to help my cousin (he’s like my brother) but I don’t know how….. He’s completely mad : he is too nervous, more and more alone. And now, he is crazy with his mother!!!! How can we do ? Please, help us. Thank you, I love you. Stéphanie. PS : I hope you will answer me… in french :)

  • Natalia:

    Hello! I’m sorry I do not speak much English. I am from Russia. Recently has read Joe Vitale’s book and has wanted to meet Dr. Hew Lens. I want to understand by means of the doctor the mission on the Earth. I live in the north of Russia, people surrounding me don’t know about it anything (a method хоопонопоно). It would be healthy, if you have arrived to Russia. Tell, how it is possible to organize a meeting with you.
    Thank you. I am sorry. I love you.

  • corrado:

    buongiorno,dopo aver letto il libbro zero limits hò voluto mettere in pratica quello che avevo letto.Ogni giorno mi sono ripulito dicendo mi dispiace perdonami ti prego grazie ti amo,hò usato l’acqua solarizzata ma niente cosa c’è che non và in me?sicuramente non leggerà questa mia e-mail dottore,io hò provato speravo veramente di cambiare la mia vita comunque grazie

  • ricardo peña:

    hola, mi idioma es el español, me gustaria aprender todo lo relacionado con ho oponopono, vivo en colombia.gracias

  • Виктория:

    Несколько недель мне в руки попала книга, где описывается метод хоопонопоно…
    Читая книгу я стала анализировать всю свою жизнь.. и поняла, что во мне очень много злости, боли на других людей.. мне 28 лет, я не замужем, хотя я очень хочу любить и быть любимой… я пробую понять почему у меня не получается построить отношения… Наверно надо просто отпустить отрицательные эмоции связанные с противоположным полом…
    Подскажите пожалуйста как научиться этому методу?
    Так интересно, я пишу это письму и чувствую любовь… я не понимаю этого…
    Я благодарна вам. спасибо.
    Скажите пожалуйста, а вы будите проводить семинары в России? я думаю, что ваши знания помогут нашему миру стать лучше… и надеюсь, что в скором времени наступит такой день когда злость, агрессия, ненависть навсегда уйдут из наших сердец.. и наши сердца наполнит любовь,счастье и гармония!
    Спасибо Вам!

  • can you give me information about ho’oponopono courses
    love and light for you.

  • Eva Bacova:

    Hello! My name is Eva Bacova. I am from Slovakia. I am interested in your method of Ho’oponopono but also you as a person. I love you. I want to thank you very much for that you share with us the amazing thing such as Ho’oponopono. Thank you. I would like to ask you, I would like to start from 0 Would you like to choose a name please?. Thank you very much. Please, forgive me that I also intrusive. I apologize for the English, translate it to me in the PC compiler. Peace and tranquility in me. Eva

  • Elena:

    I would like some information about future trainings. Are you planning on coming to Mexico anytime in the near future?
    Thank you.

  • Herman Ruiz:

    Hello, I’m going through a divorce, I think that despite the profound sadness that I have now the opportunity to grow as a person, I would like to attend a seminar to learn about this healing technique, I’m not sure if my marriage have short-term solution but I want to do what is necessary for me to recover it. I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

  • Inés Elvira:

    Muy buen día, que la bendición de Dios sea nuestra compañía.
    Lamentablemente de ingles nada.
    Me encanto todo lo que leí en su libro Zero Limits, se que no lo hice sola, nos unimos dos personas y nos dedicamos a leerlo por este sistema. Fue una experiencia muy agradable y estamos interesadas en participar de un taller y aprender a vivir esa verdadera libertad que tanto necesitamos, mas quienes por razones equivocadas nos involucramos en deudas muy grandes y donde la fuente de trabajo esta muy poca. Queremos mejorar y ayudar a otros. Pero necesitamos acompañamiento. Admiramos sus ejemplos o testimonios y creemos que es de vital importancia hacer ese taller.
    Agradecemos su respuesta y desde ya lo amamos.
    Inés Elvira.


  • Ana Aguilar:

    Aloha, soy de trujillo-perú,estoy muy interesada en seguir el curso de ho’oponopono y quisiera que me informaran si hay alguna posibilidad de que lo hagais en perú, solo hablo español, de ser así ,pido me envieis toda la información al respecto, de lo contrario si lo impartis en algun país cerca a perú, también enviadme la información.
    Gracias, Te amo.

  • Rob:

    Dr. Hew Len, Aloha my brother. Please don’t abandon all of Ho’oponopono education to ZeroLimits alone. This information needs to be shared with the world, and quickly. I am cleaning YOU so that you can be inspired with this fact. Thank you for your sharing. I am forever grateful and have been inspired much.

  • Sono patrizia chiedo da piu’ di 20anni la guarigione per me’ e per tutta l’umanita di tutte le malattie che implicano la pelle Sporiasi Dermatiti Vitiligini ecc. Ti chiedo Hew Len se riesci a fare qualcosa per noi ti ringrazio e sicuramente ci conosceremo di persona benedizioni.

  • Adrián:

    Please, can you tell me is there is somebody certified to give Ho’oponopono courses in Chile or any country in SouthAmerica. I’m really interested.
    Thank you very much and peace to you,

  • Blanca:

    Bon dia!!!
    Algú sap si el Dc. Len fa cursos per Catalunya?
    Gràcies us estimo

  • Lise Fournier:


    Can I have the ice blue cleaning ?

    I love Ho’oponopono.

    Many thanks

    Lise Fournier Quebec Quebec Canada

  • hola, gracais por tan generosa accion para con la humanidad, este practica del ho opopono, creo por mis investigaciones que es la mas acertada en renovar, transmutar todas esas memorias negativas que estan cristalizadas en nuestro subconciente y que dirijen nuestra vida inconcientemente el cual afectan nuestra vida duramente, atravez de este metodo el cual he recivido atraves del excelentsimo you vitale, verdaderamente se puede borrar ante la divinidad PADRE CREADOR todas esas memorias. gracais con toda mi alma y mi espiritu que le TODOPODEROSO REY DE REYES PADRE CELESTIAL ALTISIMO JESUSCRISTO LES SIGA VENDICIENDO , QUE ASI SEA.

  • Hi, I´m Leticia from Asunción Paraguay. I´m very very very interested in the Hooponopono Seminar. Please let me know how, when, where and how much. Thanks!

  • Samartinean Elena-Daniela:

    Buna,ma numesc Daniela S, sunt din Romania,am inceput sa citesc cartea Zero Limite,si chiar ma intereseaza sa particip la cateva seminarii de hoponopono ptr a invata corect si exact cum sa practic hoponopono.Am cumparat si cartea Factorul de atractie,Cheia si alte carti interesante,care cred ca ma ajuta in dezvoltarea mea personala.
    de multi ani caut o metoda de uitare si stergere a amintirilor din trecutul meu,iar acum cred ca prin metoda hoponopono reusesc sa scap de ele.
    Va multumesc si daca se poate va rog sa ma ajutati.
    Cu multa recunostinta E Daniela Samartinean.

  • hola gracais, los amo soy de cucuta colombia de hecho no hablo ingles, y les pido con amor incondicional mas informacion sobre hoopopno, gracais edwind

  • Oscar Roque:

    Apreciado Dr. Len:
    Le escribo para pedirle su ayuda, y favor de responder, me encuentro completamente confundido ya que todo en mi vida fue caos y desastre lo perdi todo y no me puedo recuperar hasta ahora, y le agradecere bastante su ayuda y toda la informacion que me pudiera enviar. Gracias por toda su ayuda…. Gracias (no se hablar ingles) Oscar.

  • ilaria annibali:

    I would like to leave a message to both of you Dr Joe Vitale and Doctor Hew Len,
    First of all I would like to thank you for the risk you have taken to seem two crazy people, giving to everybody the possibility of a renaissance. I would like to tell you an episode happened to me on 24th december 2011. On the friday 23rd, at the end of day I knew that I should come on the next day back to the office to solve a problem, but I had only the key of the door of the office and I did not have the key of the external door, so I asked to the guardian of the exterior if possible to open the external door in the morning for me, and he said ok, so in the morning of 24th december, the guardian let me able to enter in the building and I came to the office alone, trying to solve the problem, in the meanwhile I was making hoponopono all the time. After 4 hours, I understood that there was no way to solve the problem and that I should come back again on the 26th of december (which is a HOLIDAY in Italy and nobody is working, but the problem was; I HAD NO KEY TO ENTER IN THE EXTERNAL BUILDING, so How could I do? I went again to the guardian but He said that he was leaving and he could not open the door to me, so I tried all the keys in the office again to find the right one, but no Key was for the external door. When I was going at home, desperate, I saw on a chair at the entrance, very far from my office, and where only the clients can sit down, A LITTLE BRILLIANT KEY, with no sign, no key-ring, nothing, only one brilliant key; I Said by my side, you should try if this key is the right one, so I went downstairs, I tried the Key and the external door opens, you can’t imagine my surprise, this was unbelivable for me, WHO AND WHEN PUT THE KEY THERE; NOBODY WAS IN THE OFFICE AND NOBODY HAS BEEN SITTING THERE FROM MANY DAYS, THIS IS A MIRACLE.
    thank to both of you to have declared to all the world about the Hoponopono….

    • ilaria annibali:


  • Francine MILLAR:

    when and where are classed in this area. thank you, ILY

  • Francine MILLAR:

    I am in Daytona beach shores area, do you have any classes here or close by???
    thank you, ILY

  • Maria del Carmen Plazas:

    Are there Ho-ponopono trainings only in Hawaii? I’m in Venezuela and my english is not as good as I would like…I’ve been working this method, erasing and cleaning, all the time, day after day, with amazing results… Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

    I’m really interested in some training if there is something else I could learn.

    I love you

    María del Carmen Plazas Bracamonte

  • Claudia:

    Dear Dr. Len, I read the book Zero Limits, and I want to assist to your conference this year, please I need information about the dates you program your conferences. I am from Guatemala. Thak you very much.
    I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you. Iam sorry.
    PD. After I read this book, my life begin to change. Thank you.

  • Could you please tell me if Dr. Hew Len will be coming to Florida in 2012?

  • Salome:

    I would like to have a consultation with Dr Len,what do i need to do?

  • Lucelvi Melo:

    Hola, primero doy gracias a DIOS por encontrar esta nueva forma de sanación ya que tenia tiempo buscando y buscando un cambio en mi. Me gustaría saber si tienen planeado dictar algún taller en Venezuela o en algún país cercano y de habla hispana. De verdad estoy muy deseosa en asistir a un taller de Ho’Oponopono. DIOS los bendiga por esta hermosa labor.

  • Melanie:

    I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
    I am traveling to Hawaii for the first time of my life next month, for 2 weeks. I will be on Maui from March 8 to 14 and on Kauai from March 15 to 22. I am so excited to discover these magic islands, the breath of divinity. I can hardly wait. I was wondering if I can assist to one of Dr Hue Len’s seminars while I’m there or/and meet him. I know he travels the world, but I believe in synchronicity. It would simply be amazing to meet him in Hawaii. If not, I could assist to a seminar in Vancouver, Canada at some point when he comes. There are a lot of peole here, ready to hear and experience Ho’oponopono.

    I heard about Ho’ponopono years ago from a dear friend and I kept the article (Joe Vitale’s article) in one of my diaries. I read it a few times over the years and every time, something clicked in me and I connected with it deeply. But it was so short and incomplete, it only made me hungry for more! I have not read that article in a couple of years. A few weeks ago, I saw the book “Zero limits” on a co-worker’s desk. It didn’t mean anything to me until I saw the word “Ho’oponopono” written on it. My hearth skipped a beat when I saw it. I asked my co-worker: “Where did you get this?” trying to comprehend. She said she loved it, that I should read it.

    Are you kidding me? I held myself back from ripping it off her hands! I ordered it right away on my kindle and I am loving it.

    I love you,

    Thank you.

    Peace of I



    tengo un problema angustioso de dinero, un juicio con el estado que viene postergandose desde el 2009, sé que esto nació en mí, pero no puedo resolverlo, la verdad una ayuda urgente en esto es lo que necesito, gracias por permitirme escribirle, lo siento, perdoname, gracias, te amo, lo aplico en todo


    I need help in a problem with money, I have a law problem since 2009, and it’s supposed to be on my behalf but it’s delated and I can’t live on what I earn, please I need your help, I will be thankfull for ever, I work on hoponopono but it does’t work on this problem, I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you, from Uruguay

  • Ana Maria:

    Buenas,quisiera llevar el curso completo de ´Ho´oponopono, yo estoy en Perú. Lima, les agradeceria me informaran la posibilidad de dar cursos en Perú, Lima. Cuando y el costo. Me agradaria de todo corazón.

  • Cecilia Bernadette:

    I am currently reading Zero Limit and am already practising the “cleaning” method. But I would like to attend a training with Dr Hew Len. I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Is there a training available, either in my country or any other countries near to Malaysia?

  • puneeth:

    my company is in very bad state and i am doing real estate business.i need your help.please help me in cleaning myself and i hav

    thank you

    • You are perfect, your clients are perfect, your company is perfect. There are at least 2 reasons your company is failing.
      1) you are not clear about what you are doing and if it is for the greater good. If you are working for money, stop. Work to love everyone starting with yourself first, foremost and forever. “Clean” on all the buildings, houses, equipment you use, clients, yourself, the phone, computer, everything. Find love in EVERYTHING you become aware of even and especially your competition as they are God’s children. Be honest and play fair.
      2) You are in the wrong business and you are also not clear within yourself. Imagine what is right for you in the future and create that. Don’t be attached to your current business. If the future is still real estate for you then move forward as in number 1. If the future holds something else for you pray, sit quietly and wait for the answers to come as to the passion in your heart then pursue that.
      I love you…Thank you “Bottle Palm”
      al rodee

  • mladenka:

    Dear Hew Len,
    Thank you for existing!
    I’m sorry, I love you, Please forgive me, Thank You
    I am the bride Matovic, from Serbija, Belgrade
    As the Hoo-ponopono NAJDIVINIJE SOMETHING happened to me in LIFE
    in the heart of the joy I feel when I think of you, so please consider coming to Serbia. I want to divine the depths of my soul. God help us is to happen. My nation has suffered and is suffering a lot, poverty, transition, limiting beliefs, decline. I work, clean, clean, but I would like to ARE WE MENTOR.
    Thank you for the gift transfer.
    Thank you, Joe Vitale with which you announced to the world Hew Len ZERO LIMITS.
    With love, bride

  • Sylvie:

    Dear Dr. Len,
    I am from Montreal, Canada. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine gave me 2 boxes of books. In which were books on computer programing and such, very technical. There was other novels and there was one that caught my attention. Zero Limits. A few days later, I go to a conference and the speaker mention the book Zero Limits and the Ho’Oponopono method.
    I read the book. I ve always blaimed myself for everything, for all the actions that people done and such… and now , every time I can, i say the I love you, I m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.
    i wish we could me.
    Thank you for inspiring me.

    • I am not Dr. Len but he has received your message in the Field. You are perfect, there is no-one to blame just shared memories that require you to take responsibility for cleaning…. and the problems you face are perfect opportunities to clean. “Mahiki Bowl”,
      al rodee

      • Sylvie:

        Hi Al,
        Thank you for your message.
        HOw does one blame oneself and stilltake responsibility?
        Happy Day:)

  • mariata:

    will you come to new zealand/i need a hand /thank you mariata

  • Lokenani Kealoha Souza:

    I want to learn how to do Ho’oponopono correctly is their a training course that I can take. Or is there a Kahuna La’au Lapau that teaches. I live on the big island of Hawaii and I am looking for someone to teach me about Hawaiian healing, Ho’oponopono


    • I will be offering online courses soon if you are interested. I am not affiliated with Dr Hew Len only just one of his students and learning as you are. I teach a practical application of Ho’oponopono not a full course as he does

  • johnny:

    hello Dr. Hew Len ”E”, my mom have a serious health problem, i would like to know if you could do something with it… please be free to answer me. nice to feel your LOVE. johnny.

    • I am not Dr Len nor am I affiliated with him. Simply clean on your awareness of your mom and let go. Whatever happens next will be perfect even if it doesn’t feel that way. “I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you”

  • arturo estrada:

    Dear friends a will like to know about seminar of Ho-Oponopono i live in California and i will like to attend. I Love You. Arturo

  • Ozlem Brooker:

    Dear DR Len and Dr Joe Vitale, I have just found out about Hooponopono and still reading Zero limits. I would love to learn more. I leave in England, is there any courses that I can attent . I would be great full if you would let me know. Thank you for sharing Hooponopono with us. Pease begins with me.

    • Here is Dr Len’s website. If you sign up for his newsletter at the bottom left of the page you will be notified of upcoming workshops. I am not affiliated with Dr. Len.
      Thank you, I love you,
      al rodee


    Buen dia, de ingles la verdad cero, pero estaba eschuchando el libro de cero limites porque me lo envio un familiar, en estos momentos me gustaria saber como me peuden ayudar en una situacion complicada que atravieso con un familiar y que para mi es muy importante, no cuento con recursos economicos para enviar el pago de una consulta pero de ser posible agradezco me envie una respuesta a el correo electronico. gracias


    Ho visitato il sito e ho letto il libro zero limits, vorrei sapere come poter fare per avere una consulenza in merito a un problema.
    Grazie per la vs. disponibilita.

  • Patrick:

    Hi Al
    Is this your website?
    I am experiencing miracles since reading Zero Limits and doing Ho Oponopono (since 25th DEC. 2012) do you know of other friends or people, who lives in London (UK) practising Ho Oponopono?
    Thank You

    • If you are on FaceBook and search Ho’oponopono you may find some people in London. I don’t know anyone personally.
      Yes, this is my website. Just to be clear I am not Dr. Hew Len. He is on Sabbatical until, at least, the end of 2012. Although he is my teacher we are not affiliated.
      Peace be with you, all my peace,

      • Anne Marie:

        Dear Al,

        Your replies are filled with patience and love. It is good to know that Dr Len is on sabbatical and your respected teacher.

        This gift ‘Ho-oponopono’ is one to share and treasure but somehow too precious to be presumptive about, unless a practitioner.

        So many want to learn and yet it either seems to have fallen into a sacred ‘mystique’ box or a slightly nasty ‘commercial’ one.

        It is evident that the UK and Europe need more assistance. However so many of the letters I have seen are looking for that ‘miracle’. Everything I have learned about Ho-oponopono, warn and advises is not what it is about. The Whiteboard exercise teaches that it cannot be a need / desperation/ crisis – just a positive wish.

        So difficult to grasp, so deeply about faith and love. Do you feel there is anything that can be done, perhaps simply to show people how to access better information?

        Peace and love,

        Anne Marie
        Pretty troubled and manic ‘cleaner’ but learning almost every day!

        • Anne Marie, Even though you are very close to loving what is I point out the judgement that shows up as you say “the UK and Europe need more assistance” and “to show people how to access better information”. The simple answer is “clean on it”. These problems you speak about are simply data. Clean, erase, erase and find YOURshang-ri-la. The problem is always inside us. As you share it with me it becomes my problem to clean on. As I clean I clean the memories we share together so we are both a bit more loving of what is.
          Peace of “I”,

  • carmen gloria:


  • neşe:

    türkçe çevirisi olsa ben hiç birşey okuyamıyorum anlamadım lütfen bana yardım edin sevgiler

  • please forward if you wouldnt mind any local courses etc. hamilton ontario canada

  • La verdad es que lo que has dicho me ha resultado interesante.
    Si bien tendría que decir que algún otro post distinto no me convenció tanto, el de esta vez
    me ha gustado bastante.

  • Silviya Markova:

    Hello, I recently read the book by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Len X and I was very impressed by the method Ho-oponopono
    I would like to learn more on personal e-mail -silviy@abv.bg

    I want to ask what wrong thought or action can have a child of four years, which was beaten up by her parents to come into his life fact this?
    How to look on loved ones with love after comes into my mind that memory, and I want you to help you with this not to relive again and again …

    Enclose everything in the book and I think I’ve done this before without knowing that it is a method of helping so many people. I am a man who keep in touch with the good, not achieving 100% admit but I’ve reached 50-60% of it.

    I want to apologize for my English, but I write with transleytora. I look forward to your response. I love you.

  • Dalia:

    Acabo de enterarme del Ho oponopono y me interesa muchisimo pero no tengo la informacion suficiente y estoy en una situacion muy dificil por el momento y me gustaria saber si puede ayudarme para resolver el problema que tengo ya que desde hace mucho tiempo necesito vender una propiedad para poder salir adelante mis hijas y yo y no he podido hacerlo, realmente me urge. gracias.

    • Dalia,

      soy Pati, de Perú. He recibido su mail a través de Al Rodee, alumno del Dr. Hew Len. Yo soy su colaboradora en lengua española. Aquí le envío inforamción sobre el tema.

      Para comunicarse con el Dr. Len, por favor entre a esta página:

      http://www.self-i-dentity-through-hooponopono.com/. En el botón de la esquina izquierda se puede inscribir para recibir alertas sobre sus seminarios.

      Le estoy enviando un adjunto sobre Ho´oonopono. En realidad, solo tiene que limpiar los papeles de la propiedad y las circunstancias en que se encuentra, diciendo “Lo siento, te amo”. Que su niño interior se conecte con Dios y luego pida que se limpie todo lo que impide que tal y tal situación se realice ( en este caso, la venta de la propiedad) y decir las palabras mencionadas arriba.

      Le mando otras herramientas de Ho´oponopono. Le recomiendo practicar la del “jugo de naranja” y la del “tazón índigo”. Use todas las que desee, según se lo pida su corazón. Hay algunas muy divertidas, pero no por eso menos eficientes. Necesitamos amor para solucionar los problemas. También sonrisas y alegría. Ud. va asalir adelante con sus hijas, su corazón de madre le indicará el camino. Limpie siempre, limpie todo lo que se encuentra en su vida, limpie todo el tiempo.


      Le deseo paz más allá de toda comprensión.


  • Dalia:

    Gracias por la respuesta a mi comentario pero nuevamente tengo una duda, empece a poner en practica el ho oponopono pero hoy hubo un problema fuerte en mi lugar de trabajo con unas companeras y mi directora, yo no tuve problema pero pense que las cosas estarian mejor por lo que estoy haciendo con el hooponopono o sera que no lo estoy aplicando como debe ser? Podria asesorarme por favor? Gracias por su atencion.

  • Carmen Leticia:

    Hola.-me dirijo a usted para solicitarle un consejo sobre mi situacion economica por la que estoy pasando, le agradecere infinitamente,su ayuda para poder avanzar en mi vida ..Ya que tengo tiempo que no logro avanzar ni salir de mis conflictos sobretodo econopmicos. buenas tardes..Carmen L.

  • Carmen Leticia:

    Hola. buenas tardes., disculpa ayer dia por mi tarde/noche envie un mensaje pidiendo un consejo sobre mi situacion actual que es precaria y de mucho agobio economico sobretodo y al parecer no fue recibida porque no veo que hayan respondido ni se mira mi suplica. si fuese o hubiera un impedimento pudieran hacermelo saber? les agradezco de antemano un saludo a todos…Carmen L.

  • Dalia:

    Hola! Agradezco inmensamente el haberme contestado mi correo y perdon por molestar nuevamente pero tengo una duda en estos dias que he estado practicando con el ho oponopono en mi centro de trabajo el ambiente se ha puesto mas pesado y mis companeras estan de un humor pesimo podria decirme si es n ormal que este pasando esto. Agradezco de antemano su atencion.

  • ELENA:

    Caro Ihaleakala Hew Len,da quando ho letto “zerolimits”,2009,ho conosciuto e compreso il valore dell’AMORE UNIVERSALE,sento mio quel mantra e me lo porterò per tutta la vita.Lo ritengo un dono Divino,sono stata baciata da Dio da quel momento che ho cominciato a recitarlo.La ringrazio per avermelo fatto conoscere,ha fatto un’enorme dono all’umanità.Grazie!Leggendo vari libri sull’Ho’oponopono sono talmente grata che un giorno vorrei andare alle Hawaii insieme alla mia cara amica,alla quale ho fatto conoscere l’ho’oponopono,per baciare il suolo di quella Terra dove ha ricevuto i natali questo mantra divino dall’immenso potere.A una settimana dal Natale ho pensato di regalare a me ed ad una cara persona,il libro con DVD di Mabel Katz&Hew Len.Ho visto su you tube un breve trailer del DVD,trasmette Pace Infinita.Nell’incipit viene citato il mantra “io sono l’io”,mantra dal quale prendi consapevolezza della tua divinità interiore,del tuo angelo interiore,della tua luce divina,perchè siamo scintille di luce divina.Passando a noi,la disturbo perchè ho bisogno di una sua mediazione ,se lei potesse insieme a me ripulire il mio cavo orale,la mia gola.Tutto è nato da una candidosi orale,con il mantra e la cura di antimicotici in bocca sono spariti,ma in gola si sono fissate queste vescichette.Potrebbe aiutarmi a ripulire questo ricordo,venuto per farmi cambiare in meglio,voglio riuscire con il nostro potere,con l’intento puro dal cuore a liberare,lasciare andare,sbloccare questa situazione,di cui sono grata perchè mi ha fatto crescere,senza questo non avrei intrapreso un cammino di crescita pesonale attraverso la pratica yoga,non mi sarei amata come mi amo oggi.Quindi Grazie!Celebro il mio cambiamento in meglio,voglio liberare l’energia bloccata,dietro qusto fatto c’è luce,luce nella mia vita e in quelli attorno a me,tutto con fede e pratica.Se mi può aiutare a trasmutare il tutto in Amore,guargione,libertà,bè io le sono grata a priori per la sua collaborazione.Amo l’AMORE,amo me stessa,amo lei,hew len.Mi congedo recitandole la preghiera di Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona:”Divino creatore padre madre figlio in uno se io la mia famiglia i miei parenti i miei avi abbiamo offeso te la tua famiglia i tuoi parenti i tuoi avi con pensieri parole fatti azioni dal giorno della creazione fino al presente ti chiediamo umilmente perdono lascia che questo pulisca purifichi liberi tolga tutti i blocchi i ricordi le vibrazioni e le energie negative trasformando queste energie indesiderate in pura luce,ed è fatto!Grazie Morrnah,Grazie Hew Len.L’attendo con un nuovo libro.Grazie per quello che fa per il mondo intero.La Pace,l’Amore,la Gratitudine siano sempre con Lei.La amo,mi amo,GRAZIEEE!!! PS.Spero che qualcuno possa tradurre l’e-mail per lei,a meno che non conosca già la lingua italiana. Grazie di cuore,un bacio enorme ELENA,scintilla di luce divina. Sia Felice

  • Ruza Slunjski:

    može me neko stavit u svoje molitve….volim vas

    • Ruza,
      Naravno! Mi ćemo vas staviti u našim molitvama.
      Mi odgovoriti pomoću Google Translator
      Peace of “I” Mir od Boga
      Pati (Al Rodee´s jezik asistent)

  • maria vega:

    gratitud!!quisiera recibir informacion y conocer mas sobre como aplicar ho´oponopono, ademas de decir las frases cada vez q podamos,y desde luego “soltar” siempre soltar, hay algo mas que deberia hacer??no tengo el libro de limit zero,solo he visto un video.
    Pero tras muxchisimos años de busqueda espiritual he resonado inmediatamente con ho´ponopono, y quiero conocer mas.
    gracias infinitas!!! m.v.

    • Hola María,

      soy Pati, de Perú, colaborando con Al Rodee en idioma español. En este link hay varias oraciones y herramientas del Ho’oponopono que puedes usar a diario. http://enestainmensidadnuestra.blogspot.com/2010/09/hooponopono-frases-gatillo.html

      Te recomiendo en especial que uses diariamente la oración de Morrnah Simeona para limpiar todas las memorias del pasado y de tus antepasados, antes de usar las frases: “Perdóname, lo siento, te amo, gracias.
      Te deseo paz más allá de toda comprensión.
      Aquí va la oración de Morrnah.










  • Pepe:

    Hola. He conocido Ho’oponopono a través de la red (he realizado un curso de 10 enseñanzas) y lo practico a diario. Estoy en una etapa de transformación de mi vida y creo que la inspiración que estoy recibiendo es que debo dedicarme a profundizar sobre las enseñanzas de ho’oponopono y difundirlas. ¿Es sólo una impresión mía o hay algo más? ¿Qué debo hacer para profundizar en el aprendizaje dado que en España no sé si los formadores son de garantía?

    • Hola Pepe,

      soy Pati desde Lima, Perú, amiga online de Al y traductora. Al no habla español.

      Mira, Ho’oponopono es un viaje y una filosofía para toda la vida. El Dr. Hew Len y su equipo dan charlas alrededor del mundo, quizás lleguen a España o quizás puedas darte un salto a Hawaii para aprender más. Aquí la dirección de la página web del Dr. Hew Len para que puedas informarte mejor.

      Esta es la página oficial en inglés.
      Esta es una página para Perú, Chile y Brasil , pero está en porqtugués.
      Luego hay una página para Italia, lamentablemente no hay una página para España.

      Al Rodee ha tomado clases personalmente con el Dr. Hew Len. Puedes coordinar unas sesiones con él para que te enseñé más sobre esta hermosa técnica. Si no hablas inglés, yo puedo ser la intérprete.

      Te deseo paz más allá de toda comprensión.


  • Gilles:

    I have been loosing my vision. I am hoping this is the answer. I am ready to accept the responsibility that it is my creation.

    • This is a good start. It is your responsibility but not your fault no matter what may have happened in your life in the past it is not your fault. If you need to forgive yourself for something please do so. Becoming blind may be the best thing that ever happened to you. You may receive lessons and insight in to what it feels like to live as a blind person. Many other humans do. Once you accept what may be you may discover that you no longer need this vision loss. The problem is in resistance to loving what is. Love what is and be free either as a sighted or blind person.
      If you struggle with getting your head around these concepts I do private sessions on skype or in my home in Dartmouth. Book a free session here: http://www.meetme.so/alrodee.
      Peace of “I”

  • Eraldo:

    Godo morning, Sorry for my english, thanks for this method, are 2 years which j pratic hoponopono, but my big difficult is j not enable to love. J m happy for a benetiction of Hew Len. Thanks

    • Hi Eraldo, I am Pati, a Spanish speaking friend of Al.
      Do you speak Spanish? maybe I could help you in a better way in your own language.

      I send you Morrnah Simeona´s prayer in Spanish and English. It is very powerful :) Go on practicing Ho´oponopono. Of course there is love in your heart, without any doubt.

      “Divino Creador, padre, madre, hijo todos como Uno… si yo, mi familia, mis parientes y antepasados te hemos ofendido, a tu familia, parientes y antepasados en pensamientos, palabras, hechos y acciones desde el inicio de nuestra creación hasta el presente, nosotros pedimos tu perdón… humildemente pedimos tu perdón. Deja que esto limpie, purifique, libere, corte todos las memorias, bloqueos, energías y vibraciones negativas, y transmuta estas energías indeseables en pura luz… Así está hecho…”
      Divine creator, father, mother, son as one…If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness…Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations, and transmute these unwanted energies into pure light….And it is done.

      Peace of “I”


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